Everything you need to know about your stamped purchase

Most metal stamped items are customisable. You can add your favourite quote or name to the bracelets, choose a design stamp choose a finish (hammered or plain), choose a width and choose a metal. You can add initials or design stamps to the smaller items like the rings. You can choose oxidised (letters are blackened with enamel) or non-oxidised. If you have an idea for a project feel free to get in touch with me and have a chat. 

These items are hand stamped, by me, a person. They aren't engraved. There are plenty of beautiful engraving businesses out there who will use a machine to give you a completely perfect look. Part of the charm of hand stamping is that these are one one a kind. Lines may not be completely straight, some impressions may be deeper than others.

Adjustable items are designed to be adjusted to size once. In the case of rings, adjust gently to the size of the finger so that the ring is tight enough to not fall off but can be slid over the knuckle to remove. In the case of bracelets, position your hand in a handshake position, slide the opening over the top of the wrist until it reaches the soft middle, then holding the cuff, rotate the wrist to slide it on. Repeated adjustment will lead to the metal work hardening. This will create weak spots and cause breakage. No refunds will be issued should the customer not follow the care instructions. 

Materials include aluminium (it does not tarnish, is hypoallergenic, recyclable, lightweight and rivals the look of silver) lead-free pewter (non-tarnish) sterling silver (will tarnish to black) brass (may leave green marks) and copper (will tarnish to black, thought to be good for joint pain and mineral absorption.). Sterling silver and copper can be polished using a sunshine cloth. For brass I recommend Brasso, aluminium is a fan of mothers mag and pewter likes hot soapy water.